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DOGMA K8-S - T1100 1K - 689 Carbon Red

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A Unique vibration... the beating of your heart.

Born to tame the Pavè...but not only that. DOGMA changer!

“Game changer” is not an idea from our marketing people, but the first words of Sir Bradley Wiggins after testing DOGMA K8-S

Yes, this product will revolutionize the world of ROAD BIKES, creating a new segment: The REAR SUSPENDED. The DOGMA K8-S

is the result of a specific request of TEAM SKY: to have an innovative frame able to reduce the psycho-physical stress of the athletes, and thus increase the performance in the HELL OF NORTH.

As with the Dogma F8, we assembled our team ofItalian and British engineers, who collaborated to put on the road a bike withwell-defined characteristics: vertically compliant yet stiff at the same moment andof course maintainingthe weight of a ROAD BIKE.We designed a lightweight suspension system in combination with the new carbon chain stays, able to flex, in order to create a pivot point for the perfect riding comfort.

 DOGMA K8-S  front triangle is similar to the one of DOGMA F8. Geometries are just slightly modified, for better riding on rough terrain, whereas the rear triangle changes, thanks to the new suspension DSS 1.0 (Dogma Suspension System) and new flat chain stays FLEXSTAYS™.

 After laboratory tests, which ensured safety and efficiency of the new frame, we tested the new DOGMA K8-S covering the last 130km of the Paris-Roubaix route, with Sir Bradley Wiggins and Christian Knees. Over  long and regular cobbles sectors, we performed comparative tests with the previous DOGMA K. Both frames had accelerometers, powermeters and GPS instrumentation.

From the whole test campaign we obtained a large amount of data; synthetizing all these, to ease the comparison, the overall performance of Dogma K8S is 4.6% greater than Dogma K 2015, in terms of handling and comfort.

The DOGMA K8-S frame (size 53), complete with suspension, weighs less than 1kg, exactly 990 grams. This is a revolutionary frame, which will open new scenarios in road bike riding and racing.


Born to tame the Pavè...but not only that.DOGMA K8-S...beyond


The same front triangle of theDogma F8 but with a very innovative rear triangle. These are the shapes of the future! Today we designed a new frame, with significant changes from the DOGMA F8, the superbike that upset the market in 2014, becoming, in just one month,the top seller of all time for Pinarello. That’s why the new DOGMA K8-S has in its DNA forms of the DOGMA F8, but an innovative rear triangle that will introduce a new segment for the Road BIKE.

“Game Changer”

Sir Bradley Wiggins
Sir Bradley Wiggins
Team Sky - 2012 Tour de France Winner - 2013 Tour of Britain Winner - 2014 TT World Champion

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