Attack the curves, devour the straightaways The DOGMA F8 was born to excite.

For a cyclist this photo is exciting, to imagine the arduous climb and the exhilarating descent.

Because for a cyclist emotion is the asphalt, the curves, the fast flats but above all it is the synergy of bike and rider. The DOGMA F8 is all this, the shape, the geometry, every line, every detail has been designed with one purpose: to excite!

New frame, the same extraordinary feeling of “driving” a Pinarello This is music to the ears of every cyclist.

It’s a fact known to all: the first time you climb on a Pinarello you immediately sense its personality. We call this “the feeling of driving a Pinarello”.

And how do you create the feeling of driving a Pinarello? It is created with geometries designed to perfection, and the perfect geometry can only be created by those who have built bikes forever,
because no profession can exist without adequate experience.
In designing the DOGMA F8, this was absolutely one of the objectives: raise the bar again, improving on the improvements while maintaining the same driving feel Pinarello has always had.

"Although we are launching a revolutionary new model ... I want our customers to immediately perceive that they are riding a Pinarello ..." (Fausto Pinarello)

New ONDA F8 FORK Sleek and streamlined to cut through the air, powerful and responsive to lead you to victory.

Every Pinarello is characterized by the ONDA fork, a strong and distinctive feature of all our bikes.

The DOGMA F8 also introduces the brand new ONDA F8, a fork derived from the BOLIDE, our time trial bike that was dominant at the last Tour de France, where it was proven streamlined and precise, but at the same time extremely stiff and fast.

The new ONDA F8 fork has a 54% lower aerodynamic impact and is about 10% lighter than the ONDA 2.

New TORAYCA® T1100 1K DREAMCARBON The hard skin of the super jets of the skies, to make you fly on the road

An innovative project as DOGMA F8 needed a carbon fi ber just as powerful.

Our exclusive partner, TORAY has named Pinarello the only bike brand to use the new T11001K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology.
The first major feature of the new T11001K is obviously its stiff ness to weight ratio.
As an example: a DOGMA 65.1 with Torayca 65HM1K weighs 940gr on size 54. Th e same frame with T11001K fi ber weighs nearly 80 grams less while retaining the same structural characteristics.

The same carbon fi ber used to fl y the most modern giants of the skies, is now used in our DOGMA F8 to make you fl y on the road.

The DOGMA, more streamlined and more aerodynamic, as always.

The frame and fork represent approximately 15% of the total aerodynamic impact of a cyclist riding his bicycle.

Therefore reducing the aerodynamic impact of your bike can significantly increase your performance. The greater the speed, the more relevant aerodynamic impact becomes.

With the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and the DOGMA 65.1 as a baseline, we studied the performance of more than 70 frame confi gurations at diff erent angles of attack for a total of 300 CFD analyses.

This was to be sure of putting the best frame that man and machine can now generate on the road.

In the struggle to defeat THE INVINCIBLE ENEMY, WE ARE ALL ALLIES.

Looking at the graph, for half the length of the fork legs, the original Dogma 65.1 off ers no resistance (the graph is close to zero). The Dogma F8 goes a step further: with aerodynamic sections derived directly from the Bolide, the F8 fork legs act as sails that promote forward motion in crosswind conditions. Th is eff ect is amplifi ed when riding in stronger winds. The wind has always been an inevitable resistance that increases rider fatigue and hinders performance. Now with the Dogma F8, cyclists are able to exploit it.
The drag is practically zero until the air has traveled half way along the F8 frame. Th e resistance increases in the area of water bottles for both frames (water bottles not shown); hence the resistance on the Dogma 65.1 continues to grow, while on the ‘F8 it decreases when the air hits the seat tube, as a result of its aerodynamic cross section.
After passing the rear brake, the flat trend of the graph shows that the F8 does not provide any additional impedance to the air fl ow in that area.
This shows that the rear sections of the seat stays and chain stays are eff ectively invisible to the air.

That’s why the DOGMA F8 chooses not to fi ght the wind ... but to ally with it, using all its strength in your favor.

Weight is not everything in a road bike. But we removed 120 grams anyway.

We have always said that weight is not a determining factor for judging a road bike, because often light weight means low stiffness and extreme fragility. Despite this, because of the new tube profiles, the asymmetry and the new Torayca T11001K carbon fiber, we were able to increase the stiffness by 12% while reducing the frame weight to 860 grams. And if we add the weight reduction of the new F8 ONDA fork.

The DOGMA F8 Frame Kit comes at an astounding 120 grams less than the DOGMA 65.1.

Every Pinarello bicycle is conceived from the same unwavering thought: Think Asymmetric. This is our design philosophy.

Yes, because the drive train of a bicycle is asymmetric the frame needs to be asymmetric to balance the force that is applied to only drive side. Your legs push on both pedals of your bicycle, while the chain drives ONLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BICYCLE.

It is obvious that a frame must be ASYMMETRIC to allow you to ride symmetrically.

Since radar is of no concern, we made the ONDA RS F8 invisible to the wind!

The new ONDA RS F8 rear stays are unique.

Completely asymmetric, the rear brake is hidden to the aerodynamic fl ow and its cover plate on the seat tube makes it literally invisible to the air.

The air flow crosses the ONDA RS F8 it has minimal effect on performance.

The ONDA RS F8 rear stays are another great point of strength on the new DOGMA F8

SuperBike. Jaguar's claws to hug the road!

DOGMA F8 is a project that has made use of our valuable collaboration with JAGUAR.

The English automotive giant brought all its vast experience in the field of aerodynamics to the project. Most importantly they supported us throughout the design phase, with CFD analyses and wind tunnel tests.
For this reason, the Team Sky frame will have the Jaguar logo on the left chain stay, to celebrate this unique partnership.

The experience of a SuperCar in the form of a SuperBike.

On March 20 in Nice, France Chris Froome tested the DOGMA F8 for the first time.

Despite the wind tunnel tests, the numerical data, the CFD analysis ... the ultimate test remains with the rider, the one who will live, fi ght and sweat on the bike. Well, after a day of incredible climbs and breathtaking descents, we anxiously awaited his comments, but the smile on Chris’s face when we met at the end of the day said it all ... Astonishing!

Pinarello has always developed a full complement of sizes for its bikes giving each size a proportionally designed geometry and unique composite structure.

This insures that all riders, regardless of stature, experience the same “Pinarello” feeling. A 62 cm. frame, for example, needs additional strength in critical areas; conversely, a 42 cm, being very small, can be built using less material because its geometry and size make it inherently stronger. The riding characteristics of a 6’ 6” person using a 62 cm. frame compared to a 5’ 2” on a 42 cm. are very different. This is especially true during moments of high stress such as cornering or descending.

Made4You means the experience of an F8 is consistent throughout the size range, from 42cm to 62 cmwithout any differences.

Customize your new Dogma F8 on our website with the MyWay Personalized Bike System