A Unique vibration... the beating of your heart.

Born to tame the Pavè...but not only that.
DOGMA K8-S...beyond expectations.

For a cyclist, this photo is pure emotion; the cobblestones evoke the great races of Northern Europe,
which only the greatest of the sport have been able to tame.
For it is with emotion a cyclist can accomplish extraordinary feats but only with a bike that guarantees absolute reliability and performance.
So, the DOGMA K8-S was born to make you experience new emotions and raise your performance to new levels.
DOGMA K8-S goes beyond all expectations.

The same front triangle of theDogma F8
but with a very innovative rear triangle.
These are the shapes of the future!

Today we can announce a newly designed frame, with significant changes from the DOGMA F8, the superbike that upset the market in 2014,
becoming, in just one month,the top seller of all time for Pinarello.
That’s why the new DOGMA K8-S has in its DNA forms of the DOGMA F8,
but an innovative rear triangle that will introduce a brand new segment for the world of road bikes.

Lightweight elastomer suspension
produced by those who fly at 300 km/h
it is a good assurance?

Is it feasible that a suspension unit could weigh only 100g and yet still support the weight of an elite athlete for the full duration of a Classic parcours?
It’s the demands that we set for ourselves, and the demands that we then place on Jaguar Land Rover when we initiated our project.
The suspension of the DOGMA K8 weighs only 95 grams and is capable of supporting athletes up to 100Kg. Is this enough?

because for a grand project,
you must start from
very solid foundations.

An innovative project like the DOGMA K8-S needed a carbon fi ber equally powerful.
As with the DOGMA F8, our elite partner, TORAY, has granted us exclusive availability to theirT11001K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology.
A fiber that has been certifi ed to be outstanding for its unique relationship of strength, lightness and stiff ness.

The same carbon fi ber used in the most modern jetliners, is today on our TOP BIKE to make you fly on the road.

A suspended Road Bike under one kilo? Yes.

SUSPENSION The word immediately evokes “more WEIGHT”, this in fact was the first challenge: create a SUSPENDED ROAD BIKE frame under one kilo.
The DOGMA K8-S Frame Kit weighs in at an amazing 990 grams including suspension. Mission accomplished ... expectations exceeded!

* SIZE 53 before painting

Roubaix - France
30/01/2015 9:00 am
Temperature 0°C
First test in Hell...

January 30 the cold event in the North. Engineers and Staff from Pinarello, Jaguar Land Rover and Team Sky.
Th e day before, between the cold and rain, the last details setup, the next day, a beautiful sunny day in hell consecrates the baptism of the new DOGMA K8-S.
Sir Bradley Wiggins arrives via a private fl ight directly from Mallorca. At precisely 9:00 it’s off to recon the last 130 km of the Paris-Roubaix course.
After the Arenberg forest, Sir Bradley pulls up to the team car and shares his fi rst feedback on the DOGMA K8-S: “Th is is a Game Changer”.

Always for Pinarello, size grading is not limited to larger or smaller in proportions. A 59.5 frame for example needs to be more rigid in high stress areas; on the contrary, a size 44 being
very compact, can be constructed with less material because the forces are already contained by its geometry.
The riding styles of a person 2M tall using a 62 compared to a person 1.60M using a 42 are very diff erent especially when cornering or accelerating,
thus the frame geometry and material use must be carefully consider to insure both riders experience the same “ride qualities’ of the bike.

Made4You means the experience of riding a K8-S will not vary from size 44 to size 59.5.