On March 20 in Nice, France Chris Froome tested the DOGMA F8 for the first time. Despite the wind tunnel tests, the numerical data, the CFD analysis ... the ultimate test remains with the rider, the one who will live, fight and sweat on the bike. Well, after a day of incredible climbs and breathtaking descents, we anxiously awaited his comments, but the smile on Chris’s face when we met at the end of the day said it all ... Astonishing!

Chris Froome’s first comment after his initial test ride.

"The first thing I realized with the Pinarello dogma F8 is… just holding it, you can feel immediately that the weight is a huge factor. Getting on the bike, trying it for the first time, taking it round on a few corners you can feel the rigidity. 

When pushing into the pedals the power goes straight through the bike. It doesn’t flex, it doesn’t move. 

Whatever power you put into the pedals, it goes on the road. This is certainly a bike I hope I’m gonna be winning another Tour De France on. I’m going to make the possible to make it happen"