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Know everything about NYTRO and its revolutionary drive system.

1. In which countries is the New NYTRO available?

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

3. How much is the system weight?

The total weight of the system is 4,7 Kg including battery.

4. How much is the bicycle range?

Range varies depending on the riding conditions, such as hilly areas, wind, air pressure in wheels and distance done above 25 km/h.
A reasonable value is 1400m uphill on Rocket support mode.

5. Can I ride without battery?

Yes sure. The bike works like a traditional one. Will be available soon also a battery pack cover to close the frame gap.

6. How can I extend the battery’s capacity?

You can buy additional batteries at your local Pinarello-Fazua dealer

7. Do I have to discharge the battery completely before recharging?

No. Lithium batteries do not affect the memory.

9. How many charging cycles can I do?

You can do 500 charging cycles (0% to 100%). After that the battery still assure a 60% charging capacity.

10. Where I can see how many charging cycles I have already done?

You can find this information on your Fazua Service tool box, just plugging in your battery.

11. How often must be the battery charged?

If the bicycle is not use for a long period of time (especially during winter), charge the battery till 60% before leaving it unused. If after 6 month the battery is below 20% charge, please charge it again until 60%.

12. Can I store the battery pack in the Pinarello Nytro?

This is not recommended, especially if the bike is not used for a long period

13. How can I clean my Pinarello Nytro?

Do not submerge or clean with high-pressure cleaner any drive system component. Clean all drive system components carefully with a cloth or a soft brush. Make sure all components are perfectly dry before using.

14. I case of heavy rain; can I still ride my Nytro?

Yes sure, the system is waterproof.

15. Do I have to service the drive system?

No, the drive system is free of maintenance.

16. It is possible to disassemble the drive system?

Do not open the Drivepack yourself. The Drivepack is free of maintenance. It must only be opened by qualified experts and repaired with original spare parts. Unauthorized opening of a system would lead to its warranty expiration.

17. I have a question or a problem with the drive system. What can I do now?

You can go to your next local Pinarello-Fazua service partner or write us directly.

18. Is there an error coding?

Yes. The firs LED bar on remote will switch on and colored accordingly to the different error. The error scheme is in the user manual.

19. Is there a diagnostic tool?

Yes, there is a service toolbox.
You can download it from: https://fazua.com/en/evation/software/
You can run diagnosis and perform firmware update. 

20. Where I can get the user manual?

A printed quick guide will be given together with the bicycle. A full user manual can be download from: https://fazua.com/en/evation/manuals/