DOGMA 65.1Carbon Torayca® 65HM1K - 862 FP50 Rosso Bianco

DOGMA 65.1 Think 2: 单车的神话




绝对性能,硬度,爆发力,精准,都属于独特的 Pinarello 设计。

 DOGMA 选用日本碳纤维材料巨头TORAY 独家提供碳纤维材料 

Torayca 65Ton HM 1K 其质地比市面上任何材质更为坚固耐用。

Think2 意指同一台车架可自由搭配机械变速或电子变速。设计上可兼容机械变速系统的走线也可以更换成 SHIMANO 或 CAMPAGNOLO 电子式变速的走线。

DOGMA 65.1更提供12 种尺寸和 MyWay™ 客制化配色。

862 FP50 Rosso Bianco ×

“Over the past 4 years the relationship with Pinarello has been a real collaboration, one that I am happy to renew. Not only do they share with us the desire to excel, but from Fausto and continuing with all the staff it’s really a joy to work with them. Together we want to achieve many other goals, and we look forward knowing that Pinarello is the best partner to do it.”

Sir Dave Brailsford Sir Dave Brailsford team manager del Team Sky

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