Pinarello MTB Geometry

PinaFit with Forkstopper™

On DOGMA XC and DOGMA XM we use the front system PINAFIT with Forkstopper ™ to enable you to exploit the full power of the perfect front triangle, a system that today none except us can be proud of.

All MTB manufacturers build their own frames on the assumption that the front fork should rotate 360°. This forces them to stretch the main triangle inevitably compromising its own natural stiffness, contrarily to that of road frames.
With PINAFIT pushing on the pedals, you have the unbeatable feeling of riding a road bike, the front triangle has indeed overwhelming lateral stiffness because it is a perfect triangle.
The Forkstopper also protects frame and handlebars in case of falls, preventing their impact with the top tube.

XPower ™ Closure

The seat clamp is our proven XPower ™ which ensures a more extended grip on the seat tube, reducing of about 50% the stressed area. Four screws lock down the seat post to the frame making it as a single body.

ASC - Asymmetric Suspension Concept

Ours is not a phobia of symmetry, but the mathematical proof that the symmetric positioning of components in many cases makes little sense. The case of the central shock absorber is one of these. The right part of our frame is dedicated to the crank, and the front derailleur; focal point of the traction of our bike where the forces are prevalent, and where the weights are significantly unbalanced on the frame.
The central shock on DOGMA XM, thanks to our ASC does not directly touch the carbon frame, but it is indirectly connected to the bottom bracket thanks to a aluminum arm anchored with 8 bolts. This ensures less stress to the frame and further strengthens the bottom bracket. The central shock is not symmetrical to frame, but asymmetric to perfectly balance the right side of the frame where the crank and front derailleur work. 
This results in a perfect balance of the weights and volumes that will make your pedaling more symmetrical and balanced.

Stiff as a road bike, suspended only when needed, without any remote control! this is the Onda Curve Asymmetric!

The dream of every biker? it’s obvious: to have a bike that dampens only if necessary. Until now, this was possible only by remote controls. Our rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™ changes all that because it is very firm on flat ground and it works only on uneven terrain. It is a unique combination of technologies.

Most frames on the market today have about 6 points of rotation with bushings. This almost always takes place near the wheel or the bottom bracket. The sixth rotation point is always active, regardless of terrain, and therefore results in an inevitable weak point, a heavy point since there are bushings and screws, a point which requires constant maintenance and cleaning .

All this no longer exists in Dogma XM, we have eliminated the weak point!
Our rear stay Onda Curve Asymmetric™ has only 5 flex points, an extraordinary monocoque in which the kinematics functions thanks to its exclusive carbon flexible arm that makes the quadrilateral rigid on even grounds and flexible only on uneven grounds. You can easily imagine the benefits of this: a stiffer and more reactive bike, active and absorbing only if clearly needed. A cutting edge technology derived directly from the rocker arms of Formula 1 cars, special materials and a particular lay up of carbon that allow a precise and controlled flexion able to rotate our rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™  with extraordinary and infinite precision... just when you need it!

Welcome to the new era of MTB Fully Suspended!

Onda XC Twin Arms

You thought that everything had already been invented... right?

The traditional frames have the rear stays directly connected to the top tube, this means that every vibration coming from the rear triangle is directly transferred to the top tube and often to the handlebar, thus compromising comfort and handling. We have divided the two main triangles, moving the rear triangle higher. This solution is associated with the asymmetric bifurcated rear stays, drastically reducing the shock from the rear for improved handling and stability. This is the meaning of ONDA XC Twin Arms Asymmetric.

ICR™ Internal Cable Routing

All cables of DOGMA XM pass internally. It also has an adjunctive hole for a possible adjustable seat post with remote control.

MONOLINK Asymmetric

The shock on the DOGMA XM rests on our Monolink Asymmetric
Light but sturdy, a true work of art of CNC, the indestructible core of the rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™.

RAD™ System

DOGMA XM uses the RAD system that mounts the brake caliper on the left chainstay. This allows a more symmetrical and safe braking that does not affect the overall stability of the frame.

Perno Passante

DOGMA XM monta su ambo le ruote un perno passante 15QR e 12x142 sinonimo di prestazioni e straordinario comfort di guida.

IGUS ® bushings

DOGMA XM has replaced the classic 15mm bearings with low friction IGUS ® bushings, a guarantee of durability, performance and low weight.